Johannians are taught in buildings that are steeped in history, reminding them of the tremendous sacrifices others have made to establish St John’s College.

While it is our duty to maintain the wonderful buildings that we have inherited, we must also continuously upgrade and equip our classrooms and all our cultural and sporting facilities with the modern technology needed to prepare our children as competitive citizens in the global arena.

We are planning to renovate and upgrade St John’s Preparatory School, and to build a new Music Block that can accommodate the growing number of Johannians who play musical instruments, participate in our bands, choirs and orchestras, and who excel at music.

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People have asked why we do not build in brick and be content with a plain building. Our answer is, we want our buildings to embody our ideals, which are not primarily utilitarian. The ideal of all education is to know God… Beautiful buildings help to give the right atmosphere, and to remind us of our ideal.

– Fr. Eustace St Claire Hill CR